Workshops & Classes

In 1999, Dennis and Alice began their many travels across the U.S., presenting classes and workshops on relationships, spirituality, dream analysis, and psychic development. As twin soul spiritual mediums using their combined energies, Dennis and Alice find it rewarding to work with people and assist them in tapping into their own natural psychic abilities. Their classes offer the tools for people to recognize and solve their own issues, thus enabling participants to regain control and power over their own lives. Learn from this incredible couple as they share with you the insight and messages that are passed through them to you from the Other Side. 

Their F.E.E.D. Workshop was created in 2001 and has been shared with people who have since become professional psychics and mediums…all they needed was encouragement and knowledge they had the ability all along.


Your soul has spoken to you. You’ve listened and heard. 
You are about to embark on an exciting adventure, as, together, we
F.E.E.D. Your Psychic Soul: Find, Enable, Exercise,
and Develop Your Psychic Medium Abilities 

Each session creates more excitement as we tap into and discover our psychic souls! 
For beginners, intermediate, and advanced…in each new experience there is always a new discovery. 

Some of the session descriptions:
For the Psychometry session,
 bring something that would have your (or someone else's) energy attached…such as a piece of jewelry, clothing, or other personal items, and bring pictures of people you may want to connect with. You'll tap into abilities you didn't know existed, and will even be giving readings for others in the group.

During the Pendulum session, if you don't have one, you can make your own pendulum and we'll supply the materials. You'll learn and practice many ways to use the pendulum as your personal psychic tool. If you already have a favorite pendulum, please bring it with you. Even a simple ring or charm on a chain will work. This is a fun part of the workshop and always amazing!

For the Automatic Writing session, bring your favorite journal, or use any notebook where you'll save and cherish your personal communications with the Other Side. We'll supply the tissues!! You may share your writings or keep them totally private. This can become the personal psychic tool you'll use for the rest of your life, and you'll be glad you opened up the lines of communication.

In the Dream Analysis and Interpretation session, twin souls Dennis and Alice work together using their combined energies to assist you in learning how to analyze and interpret your own dreams. You will learn to recognize how each dream is positive and relevant to your current life path. Alice teaches participants how to journal their dreams, and once they reach their own analysis Dennis will select some dreams for a psychic interpretation as well. This process will not only amaze you, but will give you tools to create a lifetime of comfort by understanding your personal dreams! Bring a recent dream, or one you've been wanting to analyze. A special feature of this session is learning how to dream for another person. You'll be amazed at the group consciousness that's created in dreaming for someone else. 

The Psychic Visualization session will enable you to discover and use all your psychic abilities to help you connect with your own Spirit guides. You will learn how to receive and deliver messages for yourself and others. You'll also be giving psychic readings for each other within the group setting...yes, you will…even beginners!

The Mediumship Communication session will enable you to use all your psychic abilities as you communicate directly with Spirit guides, angels, and loved ones on the Other Side. You will learn how to receive and deliver messages for yourself and others as you give mini-readings for others within the group setting. [This is a pre-requisite course for those who desire to take the advanced mediumship workshop when it's offered at a future date.]

As with any class or workshop, the energy of the group creates the agenda, so be prepared to be flexible. Please leave your expectations at the door. Anything can happen, and often does! Friendships form quickly when like minds come together, and the bonding among those who began as strangers has been a joy to observe. Just bring your energy and willingness to awaken your soul as you participate in all exercises. Our goal is to F.E.E.D. your psychic/medium soul: Find, Enable, Exercise, and Develop! You'll be amazed at how your psychic abilities will take you to a new level of confidence and understanding about your spiritual path. This is not a time for Dennis and Alice to give private readings. This is the time for you to discover how to tap into your own psychic abilities and be able to give readings for yourself and perhaps for others.
Check our calendar for dates and locations. Mailing list will be notified by newsletter as soon as the workshops are scheduled.