Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life...

Dennis and Alice co-authored and published Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life in 1999. Since then they have traveled and appeared on television and radio shows across the United States performing public readings and promoting this book.

From "This is a true story of twin souls meeting and recognizing each other from past lives. Dennis' journey to discovering his psychic ability is detailed in Section One; Alice's life experiences as a young divorced mother and divorce attorney are emotionally told by her in Section Two; and together Dennis & Alice write about their meeting at the age of 46, and their mutual instant recognition of each other's energy and soul connection. Their honestly told stories deal with relationship issues, twin soul connections, and is a guide-book on recognizing your own twin soul. Dennis & Alice write from their hearts and it shows on each page. You will feel you know them personally and consider them friends by the time you get to their combined section, aptly titled Love. Readers often call them upon finishing the book, and are pleasantly surprised to be able to speak with the authors personally. Enjoy their journey, and your own."

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