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Psychic or Medium….which is right for me?

Q: What’s the difference between a psychic and medium? Should I see a medium or a psychic to find out what’s going on with my feelings and events happening now in my life?
A: That’s a great question — all mediums have psychic abilities, yet not all psychics are mediums. A medium speaks to those who have crossed over, and can also speak with those who are in transition, a coma, or suffering from dementia or Alzheimers. A psychic can tell you about past, present and future events. A psychic/medium combines both. When we do readings, often the loved ones and guides on the other side give us information about ongoing events in your life. Actually, your best tool is yourself. Meditate and look within for your own answers. As for what’s going on with your personal feelings and events in your life, a good psychic will generally confirm and validate what you already know in your heart...what your soul already knows.

 Q:  I have experienced some difficulties over the past year.  As a result, I have talked to a variety of psychics for guidance.  All of them have seemed to me to be expensive scams. I would truly like to find a legitimate psychic.  Can you offer any assurance that your abilities are genuine?  I would love to set up a phone reading if I could get some 
guarantee that this is for real.  Thanks.
A:  If you don't personally know anyone who has had a private reading by Dennis, then our website will be the best source to ease your concerns. Dennis is a legitimate psychic/ medium, however, there are no "guarantees" that the information you are seeking will come through.  Sadly there are many "scams" out there, but there are many others who are real. You must go with your gut instinct...what drew you to our website in the first place?  Many times, it is your own guide providing the information to you. However, if you are searching for a quick answer to specific problems, and in that vein, seeking the answers from every psychic you come upon, you may never be satisfied. You must allow the Universe to respond in it's own time, which is sometimes painfully long. Not every psychic/medium can “read” everyone, and there are some whose energies just won’t come through. That doesn’t mean you can’t be read by another. It’s the combination of energies as well as your willingness to be open to whatever messages come to you. If you would like to hear from loved ones on the other side, simply ask them to come through and they often will. The key to any reading is to be open and allow the messages that are meant for you to come through, lovingly, and without conditions or expectations.

Here’s a warning we always tell people:  If any psychic tells you they are absolutely right 100% of the time, run away and don’t waste your time or money. If any psychic tells you they can rid you of a “spell” or other “evil” but need more money to do so, run away as fast as you can. We do not believe in such spells and will not attempt to remove something that does not exist. Hope this helps….Alice


Twin Souls…still searching.

Q: I continue to look for my "twin soul" however I am not sure we are going to find each other in this lifetime. My question is this: Do twin souls always recognize each other and is it always a mutual recognition? I don't believe I'm with "the one" right now. 
A: First, I have to say that just the fact you are asking "is this the one" tells me that the answer is probably no, but I try to not get into judgments about most anything…because as you may know, I believe that "everything is perfect, and things happen in the perfect time.”

With that said, no, I think you are going through a "learning relationship" right now. Actually there is nothing to learn, because as a part of God, we know everything there is to know already, we just forgot it when we came into this life. And because we forgot everything, we have to experience it to remember what we already know. Hope I haven’t confused the issue too much. By "learning relationship" I mean you are learning what it is you don't want in a long-term relationship, and at the same time you are learning what you do want in a long-term relationship. 

Right now I feel like you have gone through this learning period because "the one" is just around the corner... but you have to have closure on the relationship you are currently in before that can happen. As Alice always says, "close the door, seal, it caulk it, be sure nothing of the old can come in again!" Only then can you move on to the next adventurous relationship. 
Hope this helps...Dennis 

Keep in mind that not all twin souls will connect in each lifetime. You may find a loving & stable relationship with a “next-of-twin” and have a long happy life together. You may also be perfectly content to be alone. There’s a clear difference between being “alone” and “lonely”, so do not despair. If you are supposed to meet in this lifetime, you will. Such meetings cannot be forced…they just happen. Best advice: stop searching, and let destiny happen….Alice

Q: I need to know where my twin soul is, as I think I have seen her in meditation and a name was given to me. 
A: To answer your question about your twin soul...only you can be given those answers directly from your own guides and soul. I suggest a meditation if you want specific details...Dennis will never give such personal details to anyone. You'll know when you've connected with your twin soul because you will immediately feel it in your heart, in your gut, and in your soul...and so will she. There will be an instant recognition...through the eyes, the touch, or even the sound of her voice. You will experience such a feeling of comfort...that you've been together before...that is the "soul recognition". Once the relationship begins, there will be no feelings of guilt, jealousy, or worry. A twin soul love is the ultimate unconditional love. The name is not important right now...neither are the physical attributes. The name you heard in a mediation may be a name you know from a prior lifetime...don't dwell on that. Do let us know when you've found her! And best wishes...Alice 


I’m feeling lost and afraid….

Q:  Forgive me for writing to you, but I was sitting here feeling low and so I turned on the computer and found you. I write to you because I am so lost and feeling so insecure. Somehow my life has turned into chaos. I am unemployed; I have tried so hard to find work yet somehow there is nothing. This has never happened before. I returned to Melbourne from America 2 months ago. My fiance is in L.A. and he is wonderful yet because of all these changes that now have arisen, financial debt, my family and my dream of being a writer are all crashing in on me. I am in so much debt, creditors are banging on my door. I feel so alone though I am not and the confusion is so great. I was to go over to the States to study; and my writing has picked up and yet everything is falling down. I seem to be in a bad mood and I feel I am taking it out on everyone and I am so scared. I am filled with a fear I am losing everything and I am insecure. I am scared that my fiance will get tired of me though I know it is not true. I am worried: worried I am not good enough because I have created all this. Oh, I am sorry for writing but I have been praying to God, asking my grandfather in Spirit and calling on angels. I need a miracle and I don’t know where to look. I am afraid I will lose all that I have and I am so scared.
A:  First, let me say that I have no easy way out except one...but it isn't "easy", it is just a way of life. It is a way of life that I have adopted and adhere to in my everyday life as much as possible. I will best I can... 

I live with the "knowing" that everything in life is perfect in every way and is as it should be at all times. There are no mistakes, no accidents and above all, no coincidences. Everything happens by direction and purpose. I also "know" that I alone planned my life and every event in it... and that I would not plan anything that I would not nor could not get through in a spiritual way. If I looked at my life through human eyes, it would seem impossible to get through, but with the grace of my guides and the God that I know is myself and everything else that exists, I get through. 

The most important part of your moving letter was the part about being filled with "fear". Yes I think everyone has a feeling of fear during this time of world uncertainty. I am not in any way trying to diminish your feelings. I honor the feelings that you have because they are real to you and of that I am certain. However, I feel that if you just understand a few things about our lives, it may become easier to deal with the human uncertainty that we are living with. All the fear you are feeling is actually the fear of the "unknown". This is a normal thing for all of us. At times it seems greater that it really is. When I look at fear, I use a little anagram for the word.
F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real
What it means is the things you are in fear of are not real and when you look at them in the true sense, they disappear. Simply look at these things that give you fear, acknowledge them and then move on in your life. Everything will work out as it is supposed to and you need to look at it for what it is. FEAR. T o quote one of our great U.S. presidents...FDR, "All you have to fear is fear itself!"
I hope in some way I have helped….Dennis