Our Messages From Beyond® TeleCircle is 1 hour on the phone with only 6 people! This insures a message for each person that's personal, friendly, and fun!

Intuitive Spirit Art is drawn by Alice during the Messages From Beyond® TeleCircle, just as is done for Messages From Beyond® Spirit Circles and private readings. Meet with new people, or ask several of your friends to join in for a fun time for all! You’re all on the call at the same time, so you’re able to hear the messages for everyone. While here on our website visit the page under TeleCircles called What People Are Saying to see the comments we've already received. Messages From Beyond® TeleCircles work like a telephone conference or webinar event that are used for seminars and classes. We limit the number of people to 6 so that everyone will receive a personal message during each event, and have time at the end for questions. As most people who know us have learned, we often go over the allotted time, so be prepared to spend more than an hour. Each person will receive a Jpeg of the Ali Art drawn during the session. All pics will also be posted to our Imagery From Beyond Facebook page after each TeleCircle, so you can make comments on them, and see comments from others. It’s always fun to see the different images and see what others see in each drawing.

TeleCircles are just like the Messages From Beyond® Spirit Circles we hold in a private home, except you don't have to drive anywhere! From the comfort of your own home (or office, depending on the time of day), you can attend by simply dialing into a special number where a code will be given to you for access. "Come as you are"...no cameras will be on! Relax, and communicate with your loved ones in your own surroundings.

Once a Messages From Beyond® TeleCircle is scheduled there are several ways to reserve your spot:

  • Click on the MFB Store link and add a Telecircle to your cart. You may purchase 1 or more spaces, but each Telecircle is limited to 6 people.

  • Call Alice at 877-595-4112 to reserve and pay for your space.

  • After your space has been reserved and confirmed, call Alice at 877-595-4112. She will give you the conference call number and code to use at the scheduled time. If you're outside the U.S., you can call into the TeleCircle via Skype. Different days and times are offered to accommodate people in other time zones. Our desire is to reach as many of you as possible in cities we don't usually visit, and to keep the cost affordable for those who are unable to have a private reading.

Please call Alice even if you send an email asking to register... emails often get lost in the sea of daily spam email we receive. If you email and don't hear from Alice within 1 day, then your email was not received or read. Please try again, or better yet -- call! Once you’ve registered, Alice will provide you with her cell # for texting ease.