Spirit Message Circles

Dennis and Alice offer public group sessions called Messages From Beyond® Spirit Circles. Usually limited to 20 participants, these events offer an opportunity for people to receive a personal message for a fraction of what a full reading would cost.

Each person (and sometimes a couple family members together) will receive a message, and an original Intuitive Spirit Art drawn by Alice during the readings. These sessions last up to 3 hours and are fun, often emotional, and always healing. The following information is given to all MFB Spirit Circle participants, and is provided here for your information about what to expect when you attend an MFB event.

Messages From Beyond Spirit Message Circle with
Twin Soul Psychic Mediums, Dennis and Alice Jackson 

In order to have the most beneficial experience from this session of Messages From Beyond® please read the following before we begin:

Have no expectations. By being here, you have invited anyone and everyone to come into the room with their energy and messages. The key to a positive experience is to be completely open and have no “expectations”. If you’re expecting your grandmother and your least favorite uncle comes instead, know that there is a message for you in the visit. Your presence serves as an invitation for anyone to come through. We thank you for being here with us, and ask that you relax and enjoy the experience of connecting with your loved ones and personal guidance on the Other Side.

Messages. Please allow your loving energy to be with the person who is “on”. With so many people in the room, the energy fields are busy and may intermingle. You may see a “pattern” for the group begin to emerge. Even those who do not receive a personal message often benefit from the messages given to others. This is common, as we are all here together not by chance. If Dennis is speaking with a particular person, and the messages are not familiar to that person, but you recognize the spirit, the energy and the facts being presented, please DO speak up and ask if it might be for you instead. However, wait to see if the facts are more for you than for the other person. Dennis and his guides will let you know which person is the intended recipient for the message.

Emotions and tissues. If someone near you requires tissues, please see that the box of tissues is passed around to that person. In addition, if the person next to you becomes emotional, allow the emotions to flow without interruption. This means that we must suppress our natural tendency to take their hand or rub them on the back (as we would do to a child). This emotional process is healthy and healing and we need to allow it to happen. Dennis and his guides will work this person safely through this process. Feel free to hug them afterwards, but not during the flow of tears.

Consideration for others. Please do not have any side conversations with each other. Slight & brief whispering is fine, but prolonged chatter is disturbing to the energy of the room. If you’re sitting next to someone who is talking, please politely ask that person to refrain from doing so. We generally take breaks when needed, but if you need to get up to leave the room for any reason, you may do so. However, please be careful to not cross the path/energy field between Dennis and the person he is speaking with.

Questions. These Messages are just that ~ messages, not full readings. This is a demonstration of what you might receive in a private reading. To allow as many people as possible to have the benefit of a personal message, please keep your questions to a minimum. Dennis may ask you specifically if you have any questions because that is what his and your guides are prompting him to do. Because the information is coming from the Other Side, Dennis generally does not remember what is said during the session; so any specific questions about your message should be asked when he is with you in the Circle, not during a break. Sometimes, your loved one needs to be pulled through by specifically asking for that person by name. It is perfectly ok to ask to speak with someone in this manner, but allow the spirits to try on their own first! Some messages may be profound; others may be short and sweet. Honor the message that is sent and it will become clear to you. The last ½ hour will be reserved to allow you to ask questions…as many people as possible within the time allotted will be called upon. If you’d like to schedule a private reading or past life regression, please speak with Alice during a break or at the end of the session.

May peace be with you always...all ways.
Dennis & Alice Jackson

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